There are several different Levels between the Quests. Each run will have a random variety of level appearances. Each level has its own icon and Quests showing what will need to be done.

Quest 1 Edit

The Cemetery Edit

The Cemetery usually is shown by a tombstone icon with 3 X's across the tombstone. The level contains lots of dead trees, tombstones, stakes, and skulls on stakes. Monsters in this level contain varients of Skeletons, Caster Skeletons (Fireball Raining ones) and Warlocks.

Bayou Swamp Edit

Bayou Swamp is shown by a decayed tree with 2 small skulls on stakes. The level contains a lot of green sludge, bubbly sludge trees, small tombstones, torches, and mushrooms. Monsters on this level contain varients of Slugs and Frogs.

Quest 2 Edit

Still Adding...

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