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So, you want a little extra boost on your next run huh? Don't worry my favorite apprentice, I'll give you my blessing...for a price of course.

Blessings are additional boosts you can buy with gold and medals to gain an edge against all the nasties you come across. No one blessing is limited to any paticular Loa, and there are currently eight in total.

Blessings last for one run only.

Icon Name of Blessing Affect Costs
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Blessing of the Heart Extra health + 200

Gold: 100 Medals: 10

Ss (2014-05-31 at 09.06.12)
Blessing of the Sprinter Extra movement speed +1

Gold: 100 Medals: 10

Ss (2014-05-31 at 09.06.20)
Blessing of the Bayou Extra Attack Rate +1

Gold: 200 Medals: 10

Ss (2014-05-31 at 09.06.28)
Blessing of Ogoun Extra Damage +20

Gold: 100 Medals: 10

Ss (2014-05-31 at 09.06.46)
Blessing of the Warriors Critical Chance +10%

Gold: 100 Medals: 10

Ss (2014-05-31 at 09.06.57)
Blessing of Erzulie You get a second chance

Gold: 500 Medals: 20

Ss (2014-05-31 at 09.07.23)
Blessing of the Adventurer Extra Inventory Slot +1

Gold: 100 Medals: 5

Ss (2014-05-31 at 09.07.12)
Blessing of the Apprentice Extra Relic Slot +1

Gold: 100 Medals: 5

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