Agaou is the last of the eight listed Parent Loas, and rightfully so. Agaou's passive ability makes him rather tricky to play well. He is one of the harder Loas to learn to use effectively.


Agaou is the Loa of the thunder, the rain and the storm. Agaou is a very powerful and violent Loa with a high-risk high-reward approach. Only recommended for the most daring summoners.



Gunner of God (Passive):

  • Health Reduced.
  • Critical Chance Increased.
  • Your rampage bar represents your current health. Each critical strike gives you rampage, but you can't be healed by other ways. Rampage decays while out of combat.

You are teleported, leaving behind a copy of yourself that will taunt and damage nearby enemies.


You consume all your rampage to drastically increase your critical chance.


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